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Permanent Brows

Having your brows tattooed is a permanent service that requires maintenance every so often. After having brows done, clients can expect to go 1-3 years before needing an annual color refresh.


Darci offers a few different techniques within brow tattooing. This is because everyone's skin is different and not all forms of tattooing works well with all skin types. So when you come in for your appointment, you will be consulted on your skin and what look you would like to achieve with your brows. She offers three different techniques of applying hair strokes as well as shading. 

Hairstrokes (all techniques)- Will give you a natural effect of individual hair strokes on the skin. 

Shading- Is a similar effect to how your brows would look filled in the makeup. This can be done very softly to where you have a slight color behind your brows, or heavier for a more filled in look. 

Combination- This is a combination of hair strokes and shading. This technique is used to give someone the most natural effect ESPECIALLY if they have no hair. Think of it like artwork. If someone were to sketch a picture with only lines (hairstrokes) OR only shading, it would look very flat and unrealistic. However, if the use a combination of lines and shading/shadowing then they are able to make something look 3D and more realistic.

Your first time having any new PMU procedure, you will require a follow up session 5-6 weeks after your initial visit that must be booked at the end of your initial appointment. All follow up sessions are $75.

Initial appointments for all new clients:

Hairstrokes only: $400

Shading only: $400

Combination brows: $450

Annual Color Refresh: $200


Annual visits do not require a follow up session. However, if one is needed the follow up session is $75. Only clients who have previously had their brows done by Darci can book an annual color refresh. If you have had your brows done elsewhere previously, then you are considered a new client and will have initial client pricing. 

Visit booking tab for online booking and contact information for Darci.

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